welcome to Lithuania!

Sunday 24 march- 7pm

               milk Cafe           


Welcome to Lithuania! 



What do you know about this Baltic state which over 5000 people in Scotland currently call home? A country whose farmers, Scottish coal and iron companies depended on over a century ago, and who were crucial to Scotland’s industrial boom. A trilingual country that suffers from constant mass emigration. A country of beer, bread and … Basketball? And so much more!  A land both very young and very old; born and reborn, three times over. 

Come be a tourist with us, join us for a Sunday family meal far from home and learn a little through tasting a new culture! 

A three-course meal and some 'pasikalbejima' (chit chat) brought to you in collaboration with Ieva, one of Glasgow’s newest Lithuanian residents, currently navigating Brexit, food and homesickness, embracing Vicky road’s Polish shops for dark rye bread, pickles, varškė and more. 


This event will begin with an introduction from Lithuanian photographer and Glasgow resident Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte, who will be speaking to us about her food and photography project 'Away Home', her own experience of emotional hunger and her home Lithuania! 


For more information on Kotryna's work look here