We'll cherish you!

   15 february- 7.30pm 

               Project Cafe           

Küche in collaboration with Africa in Motion bring you - ‘We’ll Cherish You!' as part of Africa in Motion’s Queer Africa strand, usurping a traditionally heteronormative holiday and inviting you to share love with us in all its different forms - food, film, he, she, they, me, we and you!



Join us as we replace the traditionally western Christian feast day, the ‘Hallmark Holiday’, the flowers, confectionery, cards and hetero flicks with 3 short films paired with 3 courses and an evening of loving hospitality.



'Two peas in a pod', 'The apple of my eye', 'Everything I avo wanted' Salad 
Praline Yam Casserole
Puff Puffs with Love Yourself Rooibos Tea 



Brought to you in collaboration with Africa in Motion Film Festival