17 may - Kinning Park complex - 6pm

The Vegetarian: Home & Host is a socially engaged craft and cooking project celebrating vegetarian culture across the world and in Scotland. The project will focus on working specifically with cooks from India, Ethiopia and Scotland. We will focus on these countries because India has the world’s highest vegetarian populations; Hindus, Jains and Taoists all advocate vegetarianism. Ethiopia as a country that celebrates vegetarianism, through a culture of meat free fasting (one of their main dishes is called Bayenetu a collection of meat-free dishes served over a plate of big round injera). We will also look at traditional Scottish cuisine exploring its national vegetarian dishes including Vegetable Broth, Clapshot, Oatcakes, Rowies and more. 

The event will also exhibit a community made table cloth using vegetables, cereals, fruit dyes and printing stamps, led by Iranian textile artist Paria Goodarzi in collaboration with the Maryhill Integration Network. 

This event is brought to you in partnership with National Vegetarian Week.