7 DECEMBER- 6pm - Pay what you feel                              kinning park complex            

The Feast Day of Saint Andrew is a one-off food-led event that looks to celebrate and explore Saint Andrew; who he really is, what did he do, where does he come from and where else is he celebrated? The patron saint can not only be connected to the Scottish seaside town in fife, but also to the Colombian island of ‘San Andrés’,  Barbados's 'St Andrew’, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and more.  Nicknamed the ‘Patron Saint of Social Networking’, The Feast Day of Saint Andrew looks to map the man’s journey as a fisherman born at the Sea of Galilee, his preaching around the shores of the black sea, his death in the city of Patras in Greece and how his physical remains are found in Italy, Scotland and Poland. 

This event is brought to you in partnership with The Glad Cafe. 

This event is supported by BEMIS's Winter Festival Fund.