Tastes of Peru

25 oct- bridgend farmhouse edinburgh - 7.30pm

£16 Booking fee 


An exemplar of fusion cuisine, with a long multicultural history – the Peruvian kitchen has influence from its ancient Inca civilisation, and cuisines brought in through colonisation and immigration from Europe, Asia and West Africa. Its food tells both a historical and geographical story from its cityscapes, coastlines, Amazon and the Andes.  
Sharing the Peruvian love of food join us for papas, pisco and more.

Brought to you by cook Eric in collaboration with Küche. 


Papas con ocopa Arequipeña (Vegetatian)

Potatoes with Arequipenian ocopa sauce
*Sauce made from peanut and Peruvian Chile

Anticuchos de corazon de res con salsa de cilantro
Grilled Ox heart skewers with Peruvian coriander sauce
Torrejas de yuca frita con salsa criolla (Vegetarian)
Fried Cassava cakes with criolla sauce 
*Criolla is a Peruvian salsa

Humitas dulces rellenas manjar blanco y helado de vainilla
Sweet filled maize flour dumplings with vanilla ice cream