italian immigration, integration & cena!

                      16 february- 7.30pm - £17                            Milk Cafe           


What does it mean to be Italian-Scot, Scot-Italian, Scozzesi-Italo or Italo-Scozzesi in 2019 - 130 years since receiving one of Scotland's first and most steady migrations?


Scozzese Supper is an informal food and story sharing event looking at the start of Scotland's multicultural identity. The event looks at Italian immigration, integration, identity and involvement in our food industry- past, present and future.


Please come with an open heart, an empty stomach, stories and questions for an evening of chatting and eating.

Come 'Buon Appetito!' with us!  



Ribollita (A Tuscan bread soup)

Cod & Polenta Chips with Tarragon Dip 
(A fish & chip or pesce e patatine alternative) 

Whisky Tiramisu


Brought to you in collaboration with Camilla, Rèz and Raffaello!