Rijsttafel [ɹaɪsˌtɑːfəl]

21 july- lagom - 7pm

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'Rijsttafel’ [ɹaɪsˌtɑːfəl] – ‘rice table’ is a Dutch interpretation of the Indonesian ‘hidang’ where traditional delights like Beef Rendang, Gado-gado and Stir-fry tempe decorate and support the all-important centerpiece of every meal in Indonesia- a steaming bowl of rice! For a massive land mass like Indonesia where there are more than 300 ethnic groups and around 700 different languages spoken, ‘Rijsttafel’ proposes a culture of food sharing playing an important communication role in uniting the country’s diverse communities! ‘Rijsttafel’ taken from the Netherlands colonial interference in Indonesia has continued to play a major role in shaping the image of Indonesian food worldwide. This event looks to celebrate and explore Indonesia’s culture of food sharing, its diverse landscape and geography, food items, history and recipes.