ramadan night
2 june - 9pm - milk cafe

This year, Ramadan started on May 27th. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims worldwide as the month of fasting and charity. Every day for thirty days Muslims reframe from consuming food and beverages, from dawn to dusk. The Iftar or Ftour is the evening meal that breaks the daily fast at sunset. Traditionally, it is a celebratory, communal meal.

For this event, we were discussing different Ramadan practices, serving traditional Moroccan Ramadan dishes and gathering members of the multicultural Glaswegian community to break the fast together.


N.B: Following the Ramadan tradition, food will only be served at sunset.


Tickets £5



Glass of milk

Dates and Walnuts

Boiled eggs with salt and cumin

Carrot and chermoulah salad

Semolina bread or potato cakes filled with olives

Harira soup (lamb and legumes soup) + bread,

Morrocan sweets