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Take-Home Event: A Korean Supper

27th September | 5 - 8pm | Soul Food Sisters | £18 (3 courses + drink)


With over 200 types of Kimchi (a Korean staple made of spiced fermented vegetables) and countless bap (a bowl of rice),  guksu (noodle) and guk (soup) dishes  - Korean mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, great great grandmothers throughout dynasties, colonialism, the cold war and migration have worked hard to both create and maintain the intensely rich and proud food culture both within Korea, but also known around the world. All Koreans grow up on the savoury, aromatic taste of their ancestor's sauces and seasoning as well as an incredible value for aesthetics - as a famous Korean proverb says “What looks good tastes good”! Join new Glasgow resident Hwa Sun Lee in collaboration with Küche for a take-home Korean event inspired by its national dish Bibimbap whose colour, flavour and ingredients traditionally get mixed together when eaten, expressive of their love for mingling and mixing with others over a delicious meal!

This is a take-home event - upon booking you will be able to choose a time slot for when to pick-up your event and meet your cook and host Hwa Sun Lee. Hwa Sun will present your supper and event pack to you. Your take home event will include a 3 course meal, recipes, DIY kimchi and more for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home or if it is sunny why not enjoy your meal at nearby Glasgow Green?!