Japan: art + cooking

Friday 5 April- 7.30pm

               lagom Cafe           


Seasonality, freshness, the craft of cooking and the beauty of presentation! Traditional Japanese cuisine is an artful practice whose principles resonate with Japanese aesthetics and Zen philosophy.  Join us for a meal which celebrates spring ingredients and explores the multi-sensoriality of Japanese food. Looking at some of the symbolism and meanings hidden behind the use of color, shape, and texture in Japanese food presentation we'll attempt to gain a better understanding of the Japanese mind and its sense of beauty. 


Cucumber and Seaweed Salad, stuffed fried Tofu simmered in dashi broth (a Japanese cooking stock). Followed by Sake simmered Mackerel with Daikon (radish) Bamboo rice and soused Spinach. Finished with Red Bean Paste and Fruit drowned in Syrup.


Brought to you by cooks Yasmine, Keiko + Küche