Food fussy, finicky or faddy?
13 Jan - 7pm - Project cafe 

Food Fykerie looked to create the world’s most food sensitive friendly (but fun) menu, for the most finicky dinner party guests.


Küche in collaboration with Ruzbowl explored a meal that provides something for vegans, vegetarians, those with wheat, gluten, dairy and yeast intolerance, and people with food allergies, general distastes and fussy eating etiquette. This one-off event looks to create a menu that explores diet restrictions and food mannerisms across cultures.


We welcome guests to share with us their intolerances, allergies, distastes or general food-related irks in advance of the dinner party by sending your own experiences through drawings, comments, stories (include your name, age and location if possible) on an A4 piece of paper and send to me at!


The evening will begin with an introduction on diet choices, intolerances and allergies by a professional dietitian.



This event is brought to you by Küche, Ruzbowl and the CCA's 'Cooking Pot Programme'.






Socca and Beetroot Hummus

Roasted Cauliflower Salad with (or without) Tahini dressing




Chicory Orange Salad

Vegetarian stuffed cabbage rolls





Date Halva Truffles - vegan/gluten + refined sugar free

Apricot Truffles - gluten + refined sugar free



Moroccan Mint Tea - (sweetened with honey)


food fykerie