couscous saturday
10 june - 7pm - project cafe

A re-imagining of Morocco's Couscous Fridays - this event allowed Saturday in Glasgow to take on a whole new Moroccan meaning - enjoy a quieter evening of traditionally prepared couscous and a collection of short Moroccan films that will travelled audiences through souks, mountains, prayers and more... This event will be cooked-up by Moroccan chef Yasmine Sefraoui. 

Films included: Mémoires Anachroniques ou le Couscous du Vendredi Midi (Thank God It’s Friday), Paris Sur Mer and The Call of Trung. 

This event wass brought to you by Africa in Motion Film Festival and Küche.

Couscous Saturday is one of 5 one-off food and film led events that make up 'Feast and Film: A Multi-Sensory Experience Across the African Continent" - a socially engaged food project that will explore African food and film as one of the least experienced, least understood cuisines and cinematic industries in the world. The project will promote African cuisine and cinema; exploring the diversity of tastes, cultures and cinematic output from the continent and creating a space for cultural integration by engaging with African diaspora communities and Scottish audiences.