An Anti-colonial menu

Culinary Legacies of Colonialism: An Anti-Colonial Menu was a dine and view event which looked to discuss ancestral delicacies from the African continent pre-colonial rule. Exploring the politics and heritage of African cooking as one of the most diverse, yet least experienced, least understood cuisines in the world, through the research of historical foods and lost recipes from all of Africa - with the idea that the hangover of colonial rule also extends its legacy within the everyday food experience. As part of the event we worked with Cameroonian chef Florence.  

An Anti-Colonial Menu began with an introduction by Marenka Thompson-Odlum. Marenka is a PhD student from the Caribbean island of St.Lucia studying Scotland's links to the trans-atlantic slave trade at the University of Glasgow. The dinner was followed by the film Black Girl. 

This event was part of Black History Month and worked in collaboration with Soul Food Sisters, Africa in Motion Film Festival and African Challenge Scotland. 

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