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'aljud belmawjud'

saturday 29 June- 7.00pm 

              milk Cafe           


"Aljud belmawjud" is said in Yemen when guests are invited for food. It means "I'm inviting you to the best I can make for you.” 'Aljud belmawjud’ looks to counteract negative perceptions, inform and pay tribute to Yemen, one of our world's oldest civilizations. A love for food and a desire to introduce others to Yemeni culture, 'Aljud belmawjud’ is brought to you by Yemeni cook and Glasgow resident Mohammed Saleh in collaboration with Küche. Come along to Milk Cafe for a communal evening of eating traditional and reimagined Yemeni cuisine!


Brought to you by cook Mohammed Saleh + Küche


BYOB (£2 Corkage)