A New Scots Menu

A New Scot’s Menu was a one-off dine and view event which looked to celebrate our new scots community with a focus on Syrian, Eritrean, Sudanese and Scottish cuisine and cinema. 

Glasgow is an asylum dispersal city which receives 10% of UK's asylum seekers. A New Scots Menu explored and celebrated the ways in which Scottish cuisine could adapt with the arrival of different cultures and communities across Scotland. The Eritrean, Sudanese, Syrian and Scottish fusion meal was a communal dining experience, accompanied by 3 diasporic short films discussing the Eritrean, Sudanese and Syrian transnational communities across the world.

The menu and food was created by 3 female cooks from Eritrea, Sudan and Syria. 

The event worked in collaboration with Africa in Motion Film Festival, Soul Food Sisters and BEMIS Scotland.

Interested in hosting A New Scots Menu or Eritrean, Sudanese and Scottish cuisine then get in touch!